Photo: Andrea Boccalini

Kalevi Louhivuori – trp, fl. horn, voc, Jaska Lukkarinen – dr, Ville Vannemaa – sax, Mikael Myrskog – p, Eero Seppä – b

Trumpeter Kalevi Louhivuori is known to handle his American jazz traditions with care, and turning his Davis-Ellington-influences into sophisticated, soulful tunes with modern approach. The quintet released their debut album Almost American Standards on April Jazz Festival in 2016 on the Italian American record label CAM JAZZ. In the spring 2020 the band is releasing their second album, Backseat, which is based on the tales of a taxi driver from Kallio district and it features storyteller, “The Driver”, telling his own story about how he moved to Finland because of love, and then ended up driving taxi to pay his bills.